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donderdag, oktober 19, 2023

Should politicians be sponsored by private companies?

Without looking at the picture: do Republican politicians work for US citizens or for sponsors like the gun lobby?

Look at who gets millions (click) from the oil & gas industry and wonder no more why so many politicians openly claim 'big oil' can't be responsible for too rapid climate change 'because it's impossible for men to influence the climate!'

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Funnily enough the climate change denying sheep following populists and demagogues blindly álso are terrified of HAARP and a project sponsored by Bill Gates concerning (research in) geoengenieering: 'Because it's far too dangerous for men to influence the climate!'

Who is this scientist Michael Shellenberger that Tucker Carlson (now fired from Fox by Rupert Murdoch himself because the lawsuits for spreading false information was costing the network too much money)? Follow this link (click) to know more about Michael Shellenberger. Hint: Michael Shellenberger gets paid millions by the energy industry to claim climate change is not caused by humans and is paid a lot to push nuclear energy and to falsify data to peddle the idea nuclear is much better and cheaper than solar and wind energy.

'Yeah, but the headlines say that Bill Gates wants to block out the sun!' Don't get your knickers in a twist, darling. Here's what the story is really about. Check out this video if you're actually interested in the truth and don't want to be laughed at at family dinners for peddling just another silly conspiracy theory:

Conspiracy theorists think people can't be responsible for climate change ánd are afraid people want to change the climate. Yes, that's how loony many people are. 

Those same people who have zero knowledgde about the stuff they talk about but simply repeat demagogues who tell them not to trust science also fervently claim that science (what happened to 'we don't believe in science!'?) proves there are only two genders. Which is also not true. 

'There are only two genders: male and female! You know, XX and XY. So claiming there are more genders is just stupid and wrong!' Sorry, dear but if anyone is stupid and wrong, it's you. 

Why are there so many stupid, gullible people? Easy: politicians and other people in power - the so called 'elite' - have everything to gain by keeping people stupid enough to keep them in power.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you believe in what demagogues say or do you believe in ever evolving science?

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