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donderdag, juni 22, 2023

Of all cops, the ones in the USA seem the most violent

Here's an article (click) explaining why US police officers are far more 'trigger happy' than police in other rich (wanted to say 'civilised' but decided not to) countries. A quote:

"...communication skills are largely ignored by most police academies.

This is why you see officers very rapidly escalating from initial communication to the actual physical use of force, because this is how they train."

Unfortunately, most US police officers seem to think that Muslims and people of colour form a bigger threat than 'decent, white, christian folk'. I'm really sorry for the Americans reading this but I have to burst your bubble: the data says that you are very wrong and had yourself lied to by a couple of populists, paid by a few big companies. 

Do you really think that most mass shootings in the USA are performed my muslims, homosexuals, transgenders or people of colour? If you still believe that after seeing these stats, you are not only gullible but also very, very stupid.

Why do you think US cops have such a bad reputation? Or 'rep' as Americans seem to like to abbreviate that word to.

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