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donderdag, december 15, 2022

American Conservatives love to contradict themselves

Why do American Conservatives keep contradicting themselves? Honestly I've stopped wondering and just accepted it as a fact that stupid people really don't know what they're talking about. They simply repeat oneliners from right wing populists. And call that 'I do my own research!'


One of the things they love to shout is 'Freedom!'. They claim they want freedom for all but at the same time don't want women to decide over their own bodies, don't want Muslims to practice their religion, want to ban books that make people think for themselves, want to ban anything remotely gay, want to cancel 'cancel culture', et cetera. 

Not so long ago their slogan of choice was 'Better dead than red': 
Now it's 'I'd rather be a Russian than a Democrat':

Conservatives publicly side (click) with Russia:
(proudly waving Russian flags at CPAC, just before Trump speaks)

Their hero, Donald Trump, is not afraid to publicly speak in favour (click) of Russia's president, Vladimir Putin. Some say Trump is in Putin's pocket because Putin has some dirt on the former US president. I have no idea where that thought comes from.

Some of Trump's [sheep] fans didn't get the memo - or are just plain stupid - and state they oppose the system of government Trump's friend and ally favours:

An incredible percentage of the people that still follow Trump could not win a 5th grade spelling contest. Like this lady who misspelled 'Brittney Griner', the athlete that was detained by Russian authorities and sentenced to 9 years in a labour camp after they found a tiny bottle with cannabis-oil and a picture of her kissing a woman (her wife) in her bag.

President Biden traded Griner 'because someone should not be locked up for the possession of cannabis' (except when they're poor, black and in US prisons of course) for a captured Russian arms dealer (Viktor Bout) but a former US marine is still in Russian custody; 'Why didn't President Biden protest when the Russians detained Paul Whelan in 2018!? conservatives now scream. Well, they'd better ask their hero Trump. It was he who was president back then, not Joe Biden. 

Interestingly enough Paul Whelan (click) has been arrested for spying. And said he was a deputy Sherrif in Washtenaw County but that Sheriff's office has no record of him working as Deputy. And he was discharged from the military for being an arsonist.

'Yeah, but that's just a fact!' is one of the standard responses from people 'on the right'. Too bad, because they often get the chance to come with actual arguments but seldom deliver. 

Sarah, who thinks Brittney Griner has 'a commie ass' is a 'real American patriot' according to her Twitter profile. That means she wants freedom for all. Except for people she doesn't like.

Have you got any idea why Conservatives often contradict themselves and apparently are not ashamed of looking stupid?

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