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donderdag, juni 01, 2023

Should refugees always be helped? Or are there exceptions? If so: why?

Looking at the timeline on Twitter from people like 'Suru Q', a person from Denmark born in 1983, a few things stand out: the claim they are intelligent, think for themselves, always ask questions, don't believe anything that's posted on the internet...

But in the meantime they are stupid, don't think for themselves, never ask actual questions and believe anything that's posted in their bubble. 

I know, because in a social experiment I shortly had a fake account. Started by posting - with a lot of spelling errors, which was very hard to do - stuff like: 'F*ck the government!', 'Don't believe MSM!' and within a week had some 200 followers. Trying how far I could go I posted stuff like: 'Had to get vaccinated because of work abroad. Strangely enough all my BlueTooth things at home switched on by themselves when I got home from getting the jab! Did that happen to you too?' Dozens retweeted the message and dozens replied: 'Yes, it happened to me too!' That's how stupid covidiots, racists and other dumb-right people are: they believe literally anything that's said by one of their own.

Besides that, it always has to be about them. Like when someone posted a memory of Anne Frank. 
The story is about Anne Frank but some use her story to share they cry about being afraid of people stating they want the right to be who they are. Pathetic, really.

Anne Frank was the German Jewish girl who started writing a now famous diary while hiding in Amsterdam. The USA made it nearly impossible for German jews to acquire a visa 'because who's to say that not one of those thousands of refugees is secretly a nazi spy?' 

Yes, it's the same excuse now used by governments to refuse asylum to refugees from Syria and surrounding countries: 'One of those thousands might be a spy for ISIS!'

Strangely enough the same fear does not apply to refugees from Ukraine. Are European governments not afraid of a Russian spy secretly mingling with the thousands of Ukranian refugees?

And what if those refugees had a dark skin colour, were jewish or *gasp* members of the LGBTQ+ community?

Many people like Otto Frank tried to flee to the United States because they were told everyone could have a nice life there and everyone was welcome. Only black people and women were not allowed to fully participate in society. Oh, and Irish and Mexicans and a bunch of other minorities. But everyone else was free in America. Well, except for jews apparently. Who thought they'd be save, being white and believing in God 'n stuff. But no.

Under Roosevelt jews were not allowed into the country. A decision that would end up Germany being known as a country with no humour. No wonder: the nazis killed all the funny people. Joke by the late and great Robin Williams.

After the St. Louis (click) was sent away by first Cuba, then the US and also by Canada, back to Europe, 300 of its 900 passengers got murdered Yes, The governments of Cuba, the US and Canada are directly responsible for the death of thousands of German jews when their antisemitism got them to drive them in the hands of the nazis.

Recommended watch. Especially for those who like to say that they don't want refugees to come to 'their' country: What if Anne Frank was a vlogger?
Now think of this: would you like to be treated like Anne Frank and those countless of other refugees when - gods forbid - one day you are a refugee?

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