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donderdag, december 14, 2023

Light and Darkness

Light should always conquer darkness, right? No, of course not. Just imagine it would always be sunny. There would be no rest. We could never enjoy a sunset or sunrise. Plants need sunshine ánd rain to grow. Humans need light ánd darkness to work and rest.

Try seeing a Star Wars movie with only the Light Side of The Force. No Emperor Palpatine. No Kylo Ren, Darth Maul or *gasp* Darth Vader.

No Yin without Yang. 

Even God ("to be" or "he who is" or "that what is") needs an opponent (the original meaning of "Satan"). 

The Chessboard of Life with only white pieces? What kind of game would that make? It would make us really, really unhappy. It's why our alien overlords created a new, less 'perfect' Matrix.

Perhaps we are merely pieces on the Chessboard of Life and being manipulated by God and His Opponent. The only choice we have is to stand still either move forward. And free will? Where we go depends on our place on the board and the movements of the pieces in front and opposite of us. 

The best we could even hope to get out of life is a sense of accomplishment; not a large amount of money or a collection of fine cars and wines we leave behind our rotting corpses. Just ask any dying millionaire. 

No, it's in knowing you made a stranger smile, the echo of the words "I love you, dad" and the general idea that thanks to you the world is a slightly better place. 

People who are only here for their own happiness and thereby stand in the way of the happiness others, are the most unhappy people in the world.

We seem to need heroes ánd villains to feel things are right, as they should be. 

And here's something to ponder:
A hero might sacrifice the world to save you. A villain might sacrifice you but save the whole world. (Thank you, Amanda)

Who is the actual 'bad guy': the one that saves one, or the one that doesn't hurt millions?


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