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donderdag, mei 11, 2023

Ladies, are you real?

A friend of mine once transferred money to a nice lady who contacted him and said she had always been looking for a nice, mature Dutch man, willing to marry a sweet Romanian woman of 25. She was 'saving to come over' and 'only needed a few hundred euros more'. Apparantly my friend was unaware he wasn't chatting with a nice Romanian lady, but probably with some male student, working for some ugly and middle aged Russian conman. I told my friend about one of the giveaways: real women don't have perfect round breasts that are identical to eachother and are obviously not grown but bought. 

A rather large part of all internetdata seems to be occupied by pretty, young ladies who all seem to long for an intimate relationship with desperate older men. As long as there's only a small percentage of men desperate enough, these cons will exist.

You find those 'ladies' on dating apps, social media and more and more often they send innocent men 'accidentally' a text message that was supposed to be for a businessman they had just met and who wrote his phonenumber on a napkin. They apologize, start chatting with their victim and before you know it, he buys shares in a non-existing company, falls for a pyramid-scheme, pays money for a plane ticket for a non-existing person or some other con. 

Here's a question for ladies reading this: if you really want people to like you for your humour and intellect, are 'Humour' and 'Intellect' the names you give your breasts?

If not, why are you 'showing off the goods' if you claim you just want a decent conversation, perhaps even about sexism?

Do you also receive a couple of friendship requests a week from ladies like these? And how do you deal with them? They usually just started their social media account, no education or anything real mentioned, only post selfies and have the number for a 'private' WhatsApp group in their bio. 

"I'm a young blond from a small town. 1.69m on bare feet, 1.78m on heels and 1.10m if you're nice to me."

And ladies, please, if you are real, don't blow up your lips, booty or boobs. Unless you're not interested in an actual nice guy, but only want to be intimate with guys who like their blow up dolls to clean themselves. Simply think how your implants will look like twenty years from now. Okay? Is that really the look you're going for?

Don't worry, you won't get a social media ban for sharing this picture of Donatella Versace. We're not allowed to share pictures of bare breasts (unless they're male, of course. D'oh!) but there's no rule against sharing pictures of expensive pieces of plastic.

'Yes, but if I want to show my butt, labia and cleavage, that's my right! Any man who then stares at them is just a sexist pig!' 'And if a man shows you his penis through some thin trousers and you stare at it?' 'That's totally different!'

Just out of curiosity: why do some men do the same as some women and send unsuspecting people pictures proving how big are?

(And why are their jogging pants always light grey?)

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