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donderdag, januari 19, 2023

Preferring someone because of skin colour is racist

 I get it: minorities have been under-represented in western movies for decades. Funny word really 'minorities'. Because 60+ caucasian males are heavily outnumbered by other 'races'.  Filmmakers wanted to make up for the mistakes their predecessors had made. For instance: how many Native Americans, Mexicans, Chinese and African-Americans do you see in those old westerns? Yet, in real life they made up for the majority of all 'real American' cowboys. Yes, it's true: None of the first cowboys were (non-Hispanic) white (click).

I took them a while but in recent times filmmakers tried to make their movies more inclusive. And often failed: Johnny Depp playing The Lone Ranger's 'Indian' sidekick? Come on! Johnny Storm, the twin brother of (caucasian) Susan Storm (whose superhero name had gone from The Invisible Girl to The Invisible Woman) in The Fantastic Four was portrayed by an actor with a dark colour skin. A bit weird. Like seeing Muhammad Ali being brought to life on the silver screen by a caucasian actor. 

Just make something original (with maybe a niece or nephew from the original character. Or like the writers did with Ms. Marvel: the one from the series being an Indian girl who just happens to be a big fan of the original caucasian character, instead of trying to be politically correct by trying not to look racist or misogynistic and thereby acting racist and misogynistic. 

You only end up with a world full of frustrated people like a former chef of mine. Who wasn't suited for the job and knew very well she only got it so the company could say: 'Hey, we are not racist or misogynistic. See, we even have a black woman in management!' They look like ultra right wing political parties who love to put a - usually not very bright - person with a dark skin colour in a top position within their group. So the sword cuts on both sides: 'See, we're not racist!' and 'This was the smartest black person we could find. That proves blacks are a stupid race.' Recent example: Herschel Walker. 

"If we evolved from apes, why are there still apes?" can only be asked by really stupid people. 1. We share a common ancestor and evolved in different ways. 2. Electric cars, busses, trucks and tanks all evolved from gasoline fueled cars. According to Walker's logic, regular cars should have disappeared.

Like the Republicans have a token black guy, the nazi's had a token jewish boy: Werner Goldberg. Just like with Herschel Walker, this group of white supremacists did not pick the britest of people to be their 'mascotte'. For instance: 'Mr. Goldberg was surpised to hear his father was a jew.'
In the Netherlands the Dutch party that attracts most white nationalists, Forum for Democracy, had Suriname born Yernaz Ramautarsing to state that 'everybody knows black people have a lower IQ than white people!' So Baudet could state: 'I never said that; the black guy did!'
Mr. Ramautarsing had to step down because of his racist remarks (and a violent incident) and Thierry Baudet could play innocent: 'But he was such a nice guy!?'

In most countries, people who lie a lot, love to use violence and are really, really stupid, have a hard time finding in job. In the USA they can become senator. And look just slightly less intelligent than the average colleague:


I like the way Gene Roddenberry handled things: instead of apologizing for treating POC's and women like garbage in his younger days, he realised apologies are not enough and put a woman as luitenant on a ship. But the collective women in 'the land of the free' were furious: 'A woman should know her place and take care of her husband and children, not run a ship or do some other man's job!', forcing Gene to replace Star Trek Enterprise's 'Number One' with Spock. Who he originally intended to have a red skin and a tail but was advised that people who call themselves 'christian' may wish him to hell if he did.

His great move was introducing Lt. Uhuru. Nichelle Nichols was an amazing character. On and off screen, where she single handedly made tens of thousands of people people realize: 'Wait...yes! Why not? Women cán be communication officers, engineers, physicists, carpenters...! Gene's legacy was continued in Star Trek: Discovery with the introduction of gay and non-binary characters. 

It looks like we are slowly moving towards a world in which 'I want everyone to have equal rights and every individual to have the freedom to pursue their dreams.' is more than a hollow phrase.

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