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donderdag, januari 04, 2024

What's the most important for Elon Musk?

The question in the header can easily be answered: the most important thing to Elon Musk is his ego. It's the only thing driving his actions. Just look at what he did with Twitter. First thing he did when he bought it was to reinstate all the accounts that are just as racist and dumb as he is. First that of right wing fake news outlet The Babylon Bee (click), to impress his favourite ex. Just like his fans he loves to make fun of homosexuals, transgenders, Democrats...This utterly shallow and childish way of dealing with their own shortcomings, right wing people call 'humour'. Or 'humor' if they're American. 

Every serious question he receives, he answers with nothing more but the 'poop' emoji. How childish can a grown man get? Most children behave in a more mature way than Elon Musk. 
Which normal adult thinks that buying a new face and a few companies could gain him actual friends and popularity? 

Does he simply have a messiah-complex, wanting to create an 'Über race' (and I don't mean the taxi company/delivery service) or is he just a 6ft1" child?
Just like an unpopular child handing out free candy in kindergarten, Musk likes to call the people that flock around him 'friends': 'Look how populair I am!' Numbers are really, really important to him. So he cheats to get those numbers up. 

Why did Musk announce that accounts on Twitt...X can't be blocked (click) anymore? For the sole reason of his ego hurting everytime someone blocks him on the social media platform. So he wants to be the only one of all millions of users who can block accounts. Until one day he is only surrounded by worshippers and all others are removed from his 'bubble'. Just like the spoiled brat in kindergarten won't be 'friends' anymore with the kids calling him out for the spoiled brat that he is and is only left with worshippers. Who will stop being his 'friends' when he runs out of candy.

Tesla has never ever had a year in which the company turned a profit (Click. If you consider the company is billions of dollars in debt) but because of government handouts and massive bank loans (which he claims to be against), 

Musk calls 'his' (he simply bought Tesla with borrowed money it and never actually worked to obtain it) company 'a great succes!' Same goes for SpaceX (click) and most of the other companies he plastered his name on. Without massive loans and government handouts he would not be able to keep his companies afloat.

Musk promises a lot but hardly ever delivers. But still his groupies believe in him. In that regard he looks a lot like his hero Donald Trump: all talk and no walk.

Just remember all the hypes he created: Hyperloop (click), Dogecoin (click)
Cybertruck (an electric SUV. Which his fans adore. Although they hate EV's)...without exaggerating, cheating (click. No, this is not about his - alleged - affair with Sergye Brin's wife) and bribing (click. Gov. Brian Sandoval was a lobbyist paid by the mining industry but after a nice chat with Musk turned his back on them and promised handouts to Tesla), Elon Musk would not be able to keep up appearances.

Of course there's some speculation (there always is. Especially when someone is rich* and famous): it seems that a lot of his 'inventions' like the Hyperloop, Cybertruck and of course SpaceX would fare a lot better on Mars than on Earth. So maybe he really ís a visionair, knows this planet is doomed thanks to the fossil fuel industry and wants to move to Mars. 

*If you substract his outstanding loans and government handouts, Elon Musk would be far less wealthy than he appears to be, just by looking at his bank statements)

Or maybe it's all just a big bluf to keep feeding his ego and he simply wants to hear people cheer for him when he presents yet another 'world changing' idea.

Of course, I could be proven wrong and one day Musk will start an enterprise that will nót be a failure and helps mankind progress, but I don't see that happening. Do you?

Here's a longread about the entrepeneur (click. From The New Yorker). If you don't have much time, here are a few excerpts:

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