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donderdag, april 06, 2023

Getting out the popcorn for the Trump court cases

Although I'm not American, I too watched a former president getting presented before court. As a possible criminal. Quite amusing to see someone who thinks he 's above the law having to answer to the same laws as everybody else. Also amusing: all sane media focused on the court case. But the favourite media outlet from most Trump-fans focused on 'a hot blonde cop'.
Leave it to Fox Fakenews and other magats to not focus on the case details but instead make sexist remarks (click).

And when they don't have arguments - which is always really soon in the discussion - Trump supporters start using ye ol' ad hominem: by calling the opponent 'stupid', 'ugly' or 'fat'. In the case of DA Alvin Bragg: 'Fat Albert'.  But Trump supporters calling Alvin Bragg 'fat' is like a bullet naming a bomb 'explosive'.


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Donald Trump was indicted for over 30 felonies. All connected to that one time he actually díd pay someone for services: pornstar Stormy Daniels. Interesting detail: as her client he called himself Barron. Which is his youngest son's name. 

Biggest mistake: next to paying her deed...he paid her $130,000 from his campaign money to not tell anyone they had an affair. 1] Legally campaign money may only be used for campaigning. Asking a pornstar to keep her mouth shut for $130,000 after you paid her $300 to open her mouth does not count as 'campaigning'. 2] Stormy and Donald didn't have an affair. One time paid sex does not count as such. So she could legally state they never had an affair. Just sex. 3] Trump ordered his books 'fixed' to hide the payment of the hush money.

Here's the kicker: his current attorney (he's had a few. And some are still agree because Trump still owes them money) who is supposed to proof Trump is innocent in the Stormy Daniels case, is the same guy who stated a few years earlier on live television that Trump is guilty in the Stormy Daniels case. 
I'm guessing that because that segment never aired on Fox, OANN or Newsmax, Trump simply didn't know his latest attorney will strenghten his chances of actually going to jail.

'Yeah, but Hunter Biden's laptop!' and 'Trump is the least corrupt president of all time!' the fans of this Great Leader ('Führer' in German) now frantically shout. Sure, bud. Name me one president with more than 3,700 cases of conflict of interest (click) behind his name. I won't wait.

By the way: this is just one single case. Trump's criminal cases concerning money laundering, fraud, collusion with foreign bodies, stealing and selling of State secrets, et cetera are yet to come before court. 

Get the popcorn out, people!

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