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donderdag, augustus 03, 2023

Vanguard and Blackrock

Vanguard is - together with the (Australian) Murdoch family, one of the largest shareholders of Fox. Which means that most of the 'news' brought by Fox is broadcast into US livingrooms by foreigners. Who - funnily enough - tell their US audience to be afraid of foreigners. And the people buy it. Literally. 

Vanguard is the largest owner of two thirds of all US companies. Let that sink in: some 2 out of every three companies in the USA are in the hands of a bunch of unknown - but most likely - non-US investors. Blackrock comes in second. But not in close second; Blackrock 'only' controls a bit over 30 of the 500 most valuable companies in the US.

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Recently Blackrock came under fire from US conservatives because the company used its money and power to urge companies to 'go green'. Once conservatives call your company 'woke', you're done. Finished. Their sheep may even buy every single of your stocks and products and set fire to them in a Tik Tok clip to show people that your company should not make another penny. 

So Blackrock (click) did the only thing they could do: they put an oil executive on board. In the most literal sence of the word; the CEO of Aramco, the gigantuous Saudi Arabian oil company, is now a board member of Blackrock.

Conspiracy theorists are right: the world ís run by 'the elite': the largest oil- and investment companies and the politicians they control (click).  

Of course there's a lot more to it than this but this piece would be too long for the average people's attention span. So, if you want to know more about Vanguard, Blackrock and 'the elite', do as dumb right people claim they do but factually refuse to do in favour of citing right wing populists: do your own research. 

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