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donderdag, maart 30, 2023

On stupidity

In a few hundred years from today, people will say: 'In the 21st century you had stupid people. And Republicans, the kind of people that stupid people found stupid.' For instance: they voted for a known conman to be their leader. And even when that conman almost died from Covid-19 (click) and told his sheep: 'Get the vaccine! (click)', they still wouldn't. Because a few months earlier he said that Covid-19 was a non-lethal hoax (click). And their brains were still processing that information. Even when it became obvious that twice as many Republicans than Democrats died from covid-19 (click), they still refused to believe it was a lethal and very contagious virus.

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Republicans believe anyone who is not 'a liberal!' or knows anything about science. They dó believe random people on social media and populists. That's stupid.