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donderdag, september 21, 2023

Only caring about yourself is stupid

Can you imagine a world without artificial, man made borders? I can. Because I watch Star Trek.

Although it's unlikely, I hope my grandchildren one day will see a united planet Earth. But as long as there are people that want us to be divided because they profit from division, it won't happen.

So perhaps it's time for an alien invasion and all of us will have to cooperate in order for humankind to survive and can thrive despite our differences in culture, skin colour, personal preferences or whatever.

Hey, maybe something like a climate crisis can bring us together! Let's see what happens when due to rising sea levels the state of Florida will be submerged (click. Disturbing. Especially for those who live there) and millions of white, christian, old US citizens become refugees. 

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Caring about yourself is fine. Of course. But if you - like many seem to do nowedays - only care about yourself, you're not helping mankind to move ahead but actively work on its damnation. 

I love concepts like 'the United States of America', 'the World Economic Forum', 'the European Union', the 'United Nations', the 'Paris Climate Accords', 'the Shengen Treaty', 'NATO', 'the United Arab Emirates' and other examples of people slowly understanding we need to work together in order to survive.

People who look up to the United States of America 'because it shows unity at work' and dislike the EU and the WEF 'because states should not work together because they will lose their identities!' simply don't know what they are talking about. Go ahead, ask them. If the answer is not in the tweet of a right wing populist, they won't know any of the related answers.

I personally think it's a bit weird to be part of a group 'because there's strength in numbers!' that won't allow others to be part of that group: If 'stronger together' is your motto, why not allow people to be part of your group?

If you're part of a group that excludes others, ask your group members why.

Are you part of a group of musicians that excludes non-musicians? Women who exclude men? Men who exclude women? Part of a group of homosexual people who exclude hetero- or even bisexual people? Part of a group of people from a certain religion that excludes people from other religions?

Can you truly state you're all for inclusivity while not showing that you are in practice?

Of course we can be part of all kinds of different groups. And that is fine. As long as we don't forget we're all in this together and shouldn't make life harder for others than life already is.

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