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donderdag, oktober 26, 2023

Not every guru is an enlightened teacher

Michael Pilarczyk is a Dutch 'life coach'. Which means the originally Polish Dutch DJ charges €500 for a 'Life Changing Event', promising his followers 'more success!' In the world of 'life coaches' success equals a big home and an expensive car. For 'only €1000' you get free coffee and two (sponsored) energy bars at his events and earlier entrance to the hall that will be filled up with hundreds and even thousands of hopeful - and often wealthy - people.

His personal financial succes is in his businessmodel: if his clients don't succeed, it's because of their 'mindset' and they didn't follow his instructions to the letter. But with a follow up course he can help you overcome your doubts. For a fee.

At first his workshops were for free. And nobody showed up 'because when something doesn't cost a dime it can't be good'. Since he charges €1000 his workshops are sold out 'because when something is expensive it must be good.'

His 'instructions'? All the open doors he tells his audience about in his books, trainings and podcasts are based on ancient 'wisdoms' and all come down to 'Think yourself rich'.

All 'his' quotes you have heard before: 'Don't compare yourself to others'; 'Start your day with meditating'; 'Don't worry about things you can't change; put your energy into viable changes'; 'Let go what you can't control'; 'An idea is worthless if you don't act upon it'. Et cetera.
'Don't give up!' Some pay €1000 to hear that advice.

Why do these quotes sound familiar? Because they are used by thousands of [con men] life style gurus.

And people fall for it. En masse. Which isn't weird, knowing he follows mostly Twitter-accounts from known Dutch fascists; if any group of people knows how to manipulate gullible people, it's fascists.
Often these people are connected to Dutch party leader of 'Forum for Democracy', Thierry Baudet. Let's not call him fascist. He's just anti-establishment, antisemetic, racist, misogynistic and anti-democracy. While supporting Hamas, Putin, Andrew Tate and Trump. 


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Sure, the ancient wisdoms of life coaches like Michael Pilarczyk may have actually helped some people to rethink their lives, meditate more and think about what they really want. But many - cheaper and often free - methods could easily do the same: take long walks, talk to a good friend or ditto barkeeper, take a break from work...

It's possible that Michael Pilarczyk really wants to help people become just as wealthy as he is but happiness is more than gaining wealth. 

In general 'mental health coaches' do more harm than good. Not only because they make people believe they can only feel better is they give their money to (online) coaches, but because mental health has been turned into a commodity: the more you pay, the better you will feel. Of course it doesn't so you doubt yourself and pay more for more workshops.

In more than one case - and I know a few victims personally - a 'guru' will not only abuse mentally unstable people to help with their desire to get rich but also to fulfill their own sexual desires. 

"I see something special in you so I want to do a few private sessions with you. Come to my hotel room tonight. And put on something comfortable."

And often the victims are too ashamed to admit they have been tricked and won't press charges when the guru has told them they should surrender themselves and their 'yoni' (which is just a word for 'vagina') to the con man.

Do you think fake gurus should all be imprisoned or should the law allow their followers to lose their money and sometimes even their 'innocence'?

Here are ten signs to know you're dealing with a fake spiritual guru. In the western world you can often recognize a fake guru (example of a female 'guru', often more trusted 'because a woman is incapable of harming people by nature.' Wrong) because they openly doubt a governments attempt to help civilians: 'Don't trust the government but only your own body! I will tell you how to stay healthy. For a fee.'

Only gullible people fall for a guru that tells them: 'Don't trust a vaccine but buy my special herbal tea to help your immune system to beat cancer/covid/5 G radiation...' and stuff like: 'If my online workshop wasn't effective, that's because you didn't follow my instructions to the letter. But because I want to help you, dear [insert name Facebook user], I'm offering you a discount on a follow up course.'

Of course there are genuine gurus out there. And yes, some ask money for their services. They are people with mortgages too. Would you work for free? On the other end of the spectrum: would you charge money for something you know they could get for free?

Have you ever fallen victim to a guru or did a guru actually help you? And what did it cost you?


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