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donderdag, november 03, 2022

The Feast of Light

Halloween marks a great season for entertainers in our part of the world. I'm guessing it's the same for my colleagues in areas of the world were the Feast of Light is called Dia de los Muertos or Divali, for example. It marks the time that most work on the lands is done and - because it gets darker - we spend more time at home, with our loved ones. Back in the day there was no internet. No tv or radio even! And when many people couldn't read, these were the times they told eachother stories. Ghost stories. 

I like the symbolism surrounding the traditions, this time of year. Have always been attracted by symbolism. It may well be why I once decided to become a Freemason. 

We have our 'own' (often 'borrowed' - like most habits and traditions - from other cultures) traditions, especially surrounding the different solstices.

So, when I get the chance to play a ghoul, a character from a scary movie or simply a character who embraces the dark side that lurks in all of us, I jump at the opportunity.

From pre-internet days:

So, how was your Halloween? Did you wear a costume? Did you have a scary parent/child moment that really was only scary for onlookers?
Did you dress up your cute cat?

What do you call the Feast of Light in your neck of the woods and do you have traditions that are different from other people celebrating moving into the dark?

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