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donderdag, mei 04, 2023

Connect the dots

If you really want to think for yourself and not just repeat the words of a populist, you need to actually be able to 'connect the dots'. i.e. You have to know what 'data' is, thrustworthy information, use your knowledge and insight to combine those parts and use some wisdom to finally 'connect the dots'. If you are unable to do so - or simply can't - you 'll only feel welcome at meetings of conspiracy theorists.


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As I'm sure you know by now, conspiracy theorists don't care about facts and are living in 'the upside down world'. They want people to 'wake up' but are shushed asleep by populists. They want others to 'connect the dots' but act like toddlers when they try themselves. They like to state they're not afraid but are terrified. And so on.

If you are serious about joining a discussion, you should grasp terms like 'correlation' and 'causation'. If you don't, that's okay. But please keep to simpler conversations. I'm learning French but don't understand the language well enough to engage in complex conversations. So - for now at least - I'll refrain myself from saying more than stuff like 'Ta musique est géniale!' and 'Je t'adore ta bouche. Viens chez moi, samedi?'

What do you think of people who can't 'connect the dots'?

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