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donderdag, maart 07, 2024

These people are responsible for the rise in antisemitism

Some 3000 years ago the Israelites lived on the land of Canaan. They decided the land was theirs and not the Canaanites' and slaugthered their hosts 'because Canaanites are barbaric people!'. 

Zionists prefer to say: 'God made us do it!'

Did He? 

"Completely destroy them—the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites—as the Lord your God has commanded you.” A similar command is given concerning the Amalekites in 1 Samuel 15:2–3." 

Above quote is from this article

For those still wondering why the people of Palestine won't accept Netanyahu's offer for 'peace'. It's the exact same offer Putin handed to Zelensky:

"The standard procedure for battling a city was to first extend terms of peace (Deuteronomy 20:10). If the terms were accepted, the people of that city lived and became subservient to Israel (verse 11)"

The Canaanites were slaughtered 'because God promised their land to the Israelites'. That was 3000 years ago. On to modern times:

A young man was shot. His crime? He walked on when a border patrol officer told him to walk on.

"Every Palestinian must die because every Palestinian supports Hamas!"

According to Israel's President, Isaac Herzog, every Gazan citizen is responsible for the H@mas attacks on October 7th 2023. As if every German was a nazi. 

Support for any organisation is never a valid reason to simply execute people. 

Only in fascist dictatorships people are executed without interference by a judge. Civilised people use a justice system to deal with crime.

A 'civilised' war is fought between two armies. In how many picures and videos, proudly shared by the brave 'soldiers' of the IOF, have you seen a single H@mas tank, attack helicopter or even a single fighter with a gun? 

This is not a war. This is setting fire to an ant hill after one of the little buggers bit you after you stomped on his house and demolished it. 

Next to that it's simply not true that every Palestinian supports Hamas.
"Yes, but they voted for Hamas to lead them!"

By that logic every US citizen stood by Trump when he was president. And every American supports Joe Biden because 'they' voted for him as president and every German was a fan of Hitler 'because they voted for him!"

Simple question (just answer with yes or no): Did you vote for the current leaders of your country?
Even simpler question: If you have bad leaders, does that give a foreign faction the right to slaughter you and your children?

But is it true? Does every Palestinian support H@mas? No.

Did every Palestinian vote for H@mas at the last elections (in 2006)? Even this man?

Babies, children and teenagers did not vote for H@mas in 2006. "Yeah, but their parents did!" No, that's a lie as well. Even in that part of the world people have to be at least 18 to be eligible to vote. Meaning surviving Palestinians have to be at least in their forties to have voted for H@mas in 2006. 

Zionists are ruining things for Jews just like Creationists, the KKK and Evangelicals are ruining things for Christians.

"Yeah, but according to the Bible the land was promised to the Jews!"

With every (old) story: a part being real is not evidence of the whole story being 'the truth!'
Hate to bring it to you but the quote on which zionists base their claim on the land roughly translates to: 'This land is promised to Abraham and all his descendants.' Now ask a zionist if only Jews are descendants of Abraham.

In short: yes, all Jews - even those who later converted to Judaism - are descendants of Abraham. So are all Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists, Taoists...virtually everybody alive today.

Even 'those filthy Arabs!' that zionists would love to see wiped of the face of the Earth.

"That's only your opinion!" No, zionists say so themselves:

From a young age many Jews are indoctrinated: many Jews believe 'The Promised Land' was empty before European countries shipped them out of Europe after World War 2.

Zionist hate Muslims and are not the only ones who think all Muslims should be murdered:

Just like when Jews were oppressed, prosecuted and murdered, most people worldwide don't really care when Muslims are being slaughtered. Do you?

Zionists also hate Christians:

Being against Netanyahu and other zionists does not make someone an antisemite. Just like being against Trump or Biden doesn't make someone anti-American. 

Even orthodox Jews compare zionism to nazism.

Zionists are not stopping at Palestine in their effort to rid the world of all Muslims. They recently started bombing civilians in Lebanon. My guess is that Egypt is next on the list of the zionists' plan to create a Great Jewish Empire. Egyptian Jews are already terrified of the antisemitic atmoshpere created by the zionists.

"Yeah, but you sympathise with Palestinian children!" Yes, anyone who doesn't is not a civilized human being. But sympathising with hungry children doesn't make me antisemetic. See this item on the local situation by reporter Lama Jamous.

Zionists are to Judaism what ISIS is to Islam.

Why do you think antisemitism is on the rise?

Is it because the Zionists and their worshipped ancestors are such a peaceful and friendly people, that today it's hard to find a single trace of the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Jebusite and Amalekites?

Since 'the God of Love' apparently ordered the Israelites to kill every breathing being in Canaan, that might explain why the zionists started to target Lebanon since bombing Palestine has become pointless after destroying virtually every manmade structure in the area. Scientists recently discovered descendants from the Caänites might be living in present day Lebanon. Tadaa!

Why do you think the zionists have literally aimed their arrows at Lebanon?


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