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donderdag, februari 22, 2024

Would you like to become financially independent?

Okay. So you invested in cryptocurrency, got lucky and are a millionaire now. You only work four hours a week, spend most of your days on some nice beach and buying luxury cars and as an 'incluencer' advice others via social media to become just like you: financially independent. Hooray.

But what if everybody indeed became just like you? Ever considered what the world would look like if everyone did everything just to become rich? If 'I want more money!' was the sole reason for living?

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Now imagine a world in which everyone is financially independent. Nobody works anymore because they have enough money to spend the rest of their days in luxury.

And now you become ill or suffer an accident. Alas, you can't find a doctor because they all followed your investment advice and quit their jobs. As did the people from your favourite webshops and food delivery services and farmers. You will starve. But hey, at least you are financially independent so you are happy, right?

You may want to reconsider what really makes you happy. Is it wealth? Health? Having actual friends instead of fans? 'Yeah, but all those self-made millionaires seem happy!' In their Instagram feed maybe, but in reality they are just as miserable as you and I. Just with more cash.

And 'self-made'? Hate to bring it to you, but 'from rags to riches' is a myth. Carefully spread by 'the one percent' but a myth nonetheless.

If Bezos, Musk and all those others who claim to be such great and hardworking businessmen, why do they so heavily rely on tax cuts and government subsidies? Interestingly enough they will always state they are against subsidies 'because that's socialist!' or 'If your company is viable, you don't need government handouts.'

Do you think anyone can be become a millionaire? Even if they are born a hundred years ago or in Yemen? Can you become a millionaire by simply working hard or is luck (like having rich parents) a big factor?


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