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donderdag, maart 09, 2023

Racism has become mainstream

If anything has become mainstraim these last few years, it's racism. I'm old enough to know racists were ashamed of being racists. Most of them are still cowards - of course. Because racists are by definition cowards - so they don't call themselves racists but 'realists', 'patriots' or 'pure blood'. And they seldom dare to use their actual names on social media. Because they don't actually stand behind their own comments. Sometimes they straight out say they are 'proud to be white'. 

As if they have trained for years to achieve that goal. What were they before they were white and why did they work so hard not to be that anymore? In other words: it's really, really stupid to be proud of something you have done literally nothing for to achieve.

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But of course racists are simply racists, no matter how they call themselves. There's no denying: when someone makes racist remarks, thinks the NSDAP had some great ideas that should be implemented and has a picture of Hitler and a swastika flag in his room in his mother's basement, although he is 47, he is a racist. 

Same goes for that nice blonde neighbour woman with the very non-American sounding last name who owns a maga cap but is afraid to wear it because a colleague might see her wearing it. And that colleague is a very nice lady. For a Mexican. 

If Pelé had called himself 'dancer', would that hide the fact he was a football player?