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donderdag, november 02, 2023

There are good people on both sides

'But the Palestinians are at least as bad as the Israeli soldiers in their use of violence!'

'Okay, bud. Show me one single video of Palestinian soldiers beating up Israeli women and children and demolishing the homes where they have lived for generations. And where's video of a Palestinian shooting an Israeli in the back, not as an act of war or even terrorism but just for fun?'


Above was written months before Hamas terrorists on October 7th 2023 produced their violent attack on Israeli civilians and six different intelligence agencies as well as the IDF with their all powerful 'Iron Dome' defense system miserably failed.

Of course violence is never the right course of action. But tell me - in all honesty: if you're European and the descendants of European Jews came back to reclaim the house you live in now, would you simply give up on the house your family had lived in for 80 years? And if it was 3000 years?

If you sympathize with 'those poor Jews', why don't you give them a piece of your own land to live on instead of giving them half the land of some other people?

If you're really worried about how Hamas treats Jews these days, where was your outrage when your own government treated Jews as second rate citizens?

What are you doing about the current anti-Semitism in your country? Are you 'closing the curtains' like when people did when their Jewish neighbours were rounded up by the Nazis and their local supporters?

Did your (grand)parents look away when Jews were murdered? Are you looking away while Palestinians are murdered?

Look up how your ancestors treated Jews in the past. Were they nice to them?


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Can someone explain to me why the international community would have condemned the actions if it wasn't an Israeli but a Muslim soldier shooting a civilian in the back for fun? What makes Israel so special that it's absolutely no problem for them to oppress people because of their heritage, or because others once did to them what they are now doing to another peoples?

Here is an IDF spokesman denying Gaza is being bombarded and refusing to answer the simple question: of the 700 people daily being killed by the Israeli military, how many of them are Hamas terrorists?

The medicine is worse than the cure. To take down Hamas 'because they kill people!', is it worth it to kill a few thousand children? If someone - gods forbid - was to kill your child - would that entitle you to kill hundreds of people simply because they look a bit like the killer?

'Yeah, but the Palestinians voted for Hamas so they and their children deserve to die!' If you truly believed that you would have no problem with the IDF dropping a bomb on Hamburg 'because the Germans voted for Hitler so they deserve to die!'

Instead of welcoming Jewish holocaust survivers into European countries or giving them a piece of German land in retribution, the allies suffered from the 'Not in my Backyard' syndrome and decided to transport the surviving Jews to the area named Palestine. Without asking the locals if that was okay. Based on 'Yeah, but some of their ancestors may have lived there 3000 years ago!' And? They themselves lived in Amsterdam, Paris and Berlin just five years ago. Why not give them back the homes they were literally taken from? 

Because the new inhabitants wouldn't like that? Or because anti-Semitism was still raging through Europe and just about everyone was glad to see the Jews go?
Among the Jews being sent away were survivors of the actual Nazi death camps. Here's their (rather disturbing) story on their encounter with the Palestinians at the time.

Children are dying. And different parties are blaming eachother. But nobody seems to wonder why the USA voted against a temporary cease fire so the Israeli and the Gazans can bury their dead without being bombed. It may be a very simple answer: US politicians don't want violence to stop because their sponsors would lose money and influence:

The weapons the IDF uses on the people of Gaza*? 'Made in the USA'.

*Israel doesn't just aim its guns on 'Hamas'. That's nonsense. They are lying or can't aim. What if they did kill 'a Hamas terrorist!' Is it really worth the lives of a few thousand children to take down a single terrorist who is responsible for killing half a dozen of people?

Here's one of the excuses people use for killing babies:

"Yeah, but Israel has existed for over 3000 years!"

Since in Jewish schools there's only word of jews going to the Promised Land but most rabbis won't say a word about the (Palestinian) people who already lived there for thousands of years, I think it's a good thing many Jews are starting to realize they haven't exactly been taught the whole truth about their heritage:

So here's a bit of history I found on the internet:

Palestine - and Jerusalem specifically - is a holy place for Jews, Christians and Muslims. If we’re really going to speak historically, the land belonged to the Canaanite’s, and was later taken over by Israelites during the times of Moses. 

Israel has not existed for 3,000 years, that is simple history. Try finding a map that says 'Israel' on it from before 1949. The land alternated between the Muslim and the Christian empires, predominantly during the time of the crusades. During those times the Jews lived among the kingdoms and even faced exile during some periods, but they were never the rulers of the land at that point in history. This disproves the “3,000 years” -theory. 

Up until after World War II, the land was predominantly inhabited by native Palestinians. Who took in the Jewish population as refugees after the holocaust.

I could not find any numbers on how much money and aid our western 'civilised' countries gave these Jews and Palestinians to help with the settlement.

Of course the matter is far more complicated than anyone can summerize in a single blogpost. I just know this: every single war is won by weapon traders and millionaires disguised as religious and political leaders. Everybody else loses.

Who ever started this conflict, why and when, it really doesn't matter: in a war decent people can only choose one side: that of the victims.


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