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donderdag, november 24, 2022

Should we trust people who state we can't trust others?

Some people believe the Great Pyramids were build to store grain. Simply looking at them makes that theory seem highly unlikely. Yet people take it as a fact. And not just former American presidential candidates.
There is some consensus they were build as tombs for pharaohs. Although some mummification equipment was found in pyramids, only one contained an actual mummy. The ancient Egyptians didn't want the bodies of their leaders to be found, so why build a gian structure, advertising where to find them? 

So what was the purpose of the pyramids and were it really the Egyptians that built them? A man named A.J. tries to provide some answers in The Why Files (click). Were the pyramids really powerplants?
The farther we go back in time, the harder it is to find evidence for theories and the harder it gets to seperate fact from fiction. Especially when 'the government' apparently doesn't want people to know the truth. Are our governments trying to hide facts from us? Why? If they're not, why don't they put any effort in debunking conspiracy theories? Could it be they confuse us on purpose? To what end?

It's a fact that The Montauk Project existed. It's true governments do things they like to keep under wraps. Kidnap, torture and murder for example. Does that mean we should always believe those who claim the exact opposite of what the government tells us? And what if time traveling heroes really exist but they also sexually abused young men?

(Watch until the end. But not with young children, please)

Should we always trust the government or always put our trust in people who state we can never trust the government?

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