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vrijdag, mei 03, 2024

Some prose and Skywatch Friday

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It's been a while (nine years?) and I miss the Skywatch community. In the meantime I started weekly posting a short story or a poem. "So why not do both?" I asked myself. And here I am.

How 're all you lovelies doing in your parts of the world?

Here are a few shots that my cameraphone took, this past week in my hometown of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. With a little bit of help from me and the models:

Coming home from sewing lesson, I passed Bilderdijkkade, crossing Kinkerstraat
A mural next to Muiderpoort trainstation:
It looked like it would start raining soon, so I was glad to be nearly home. The trained eye could just see the entrance to the appartment of my next door neighbours. Who probably also got woken up by a flash of light and a loud bang that coming night: thunderbolts and lightning! Very, very frightnening...

I added a slight HDR-filter for added dramatic effect:
Have always been intrigued by the architecture of this appartment building in Amsterdam-West. Very clever, that small triangle sticking out; barely enough to put down a plant pot in that space but you can charge the buyers a couple of thousand euros for that square metre.

After all that (and my ADHD brain wants to write a lot more so you're lucky therapy tought me to hold back. Sometimes), it's time for some homemade poetry:


To End (a #poem)

The world could have ended 
and they would not have known.

Closed off from the outside world,
for days now they were lost 
in each other's eyes
and limbs

Searching for answers
is more fun together
because you can hope
not to find them

unless you want 
the journey
(and with that the world)
to end


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