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donderdag, mei 25, 2023

You are absolutely free! As long as you conform.

They hate anything 'woke' because they want social injustices to keep existing. Thanks to (the lawyers of) Ron DeSantis there's no longer doubt about why Republicans are anti-woke.
Conservatives (is 'conservative Republican' a pleonasm?) say they want freedom. In reality they don't want freedom for all. 

In 'the land of the free!' that freedom is only for those who conform to a fixed set of rules:

-Dress like you're an extra, playing in an office setting in a movie about a law firm;
-Put 'christian' in your social media profile;
-Get regular haircuts;
-Be hypocrite;
-Strive to take first place in your field of expertise;
-Act grumpy and frustrated when you don't succeed. Which is most of the time;
-Blame others for anything that goes wrong in your life;
-Say the USA is the best country there is and act surprised if that makes foreigners want to live there;
-Misquote the Bible and the Constitution at every opportunity you get;

-Saying you follow Jesus means you don't need to live by His rules;
-Say you hate foreigners and that granddad De Santos or grandma Doornik worked really hard to become American;
-Be white. Or at least act like you are. Denounce your family name and your ancestors if you have to.
-Be proud of something you never spilled a drop of sweat for to achieve: being American.

Do you check al boxes? Congratulations, you are a real Conservative American!

You have earned the right of learning how Dee Snider from the rockband Twisted Sister, single handedly, exposed the stupidity, hypocrisy and twisted (...) minds of some of your leaders:

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