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donderdag, oktober 12, 2023

Creatonism or evolution?

New theory: creationists don't believe in evolution because they haven't evolved.


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'God has put dinosaur bones in the soil to test our faith!' is as thought just as stupid as 'With HAARP they are causing natural disasters to make u believe climate change is real!'

You can't reason with zealots because they don't understand what reasoning is. Their Great Leader ('Führer' in German) is always right. Even when he (there are female agitators but the cult leaders are mostly men) is obviously wrong. Just look at the [stupid] gullible people still devoted to the 45th president of the USA. He literally stole their money and his sheep still adore him.

Stupid people often ánd vote for right wing populists like Trump ánd believe in Creationism and not in science. Yes, it would be more pleasant to call them 'gullible' or 'uneducated' but not-knowing is okay; if people choose to be not-knowing they are stupid. If that offends anyone, too bad. If [stupid] fascists state everyone has the right to free speech, that right also applies to people calling them stupid.

study shows that Trump and the Republican party didn't make people hate marginalized groups but that people already hating POC, homosexuals, socialism, muslims and 'the left' flocked around Trump as moths around a flame. As 'that stupid, racist neighbour' they felt marginalized themselves. Thanks to Trump 'magats' felt supported in their hatred. Hence their loyalty.

Authoritarianism is not only popular in the USA but has also garnered a large following of people who call others 'sheep' in Poland, Hungary, Finland, Brasil, Turkey and Russia. All countries where there is a big push to ban books, to not invest in education and the public press is being censored while a lot of misinformation is spread via social media. 

A give away to know you are dealing with a rightwing populist party: none of the points - if any - they officially make, makes any actual sense. Their 'plans' like 'We will make the economy grow and close the borders!' are not viable and only appeal to stupid people. Or rather: to people who never learned to think for themselves. It's why 'the people' fall for the most obvious populist trick of them all:

Have you ever voted for a right wing populist party? Why? And is your country a better place after they won the national elections?

Why do 'the people' vote for politicians who shout 'Freedom!' but only want freedom for rich, white, heterosexual people and their sponsors, 'the elite' like 'Big Oil', 'Big Agro' and 'Big Pharma'?

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