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donderdag, augustus 10, 2023

Feminism: is it bad to strive for equality?

Australian influencer Shannen Michaela once was a feminist but recently shared this statement with her millions of fans:

Almost like she was getting paid to advertise the patriarchy: a society in which people like Donald Trump and Andrew Tate (click) decide how women should dress, think, behave and can't make decisions about their own body. Is that what you want?

'Yeah, well, than those women should toughen up and be stronger. Just like men like Donald Trump and Andrew Tate." I disagree:

If we raise children to be 'tough and strong', aren't we creating a world in which everyone needs to be tough and strong and there's no room for those who choose kindness? If we see kindness as a weakness...I don't think that's a world we want to see. 

To stand up against the old men who believed (and some still do!) it was okay that women should always do what men tell them, feminism was created. And I'm all for it. And don't worry, 'tough, strong, 'real' men': women and other minorities getting more rights, doesn't mean you get less. 

That's not how this 'equal rights' thing works. So don't listen to those fake men you consider your leaders of a patriarchal society: they are just a bunch of losers, scared to death that others may get the same rights that they have had for hundreds of years.

What are your thoughts on feminism and other outings of groups wanting equality?
Do you think it's fair that some groups have less rights than some other groups?
And if you belonged to that group with fewer rights?


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