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donderdag, juli 13, 2023

Proto...what? Pronatalism

'The Elite', spearheaded by a multi-billionaire with ten children (as far as we mere mortals know) 
wants to populate the world with super babies. The movement is called pronatalism (click) and was founded by Malcolm and Simone Collins. Who want every future human to be just as genetically perfect as they are:
One can't help but wonder: if the elite think they are so genetically perfect, why do they spend so much money on plastic surgery, make up, blood transfusions and false teeth? Oh, and on glasses? 

Does 'genetically perfect' (click. 'Genetically perfect humans' is an idea that's just as feasable as Musk's ideas of a Hyperloop, a million robotaxis by 2020 and thinking people will never find out almost none of your companies could exist without extensive government (i.e. the US taxpayer) funding) mean you're really, really stupid? 

Because they apparently did not put a lot of time and money into researching the idea that a population decline can be reversed with rich people having more over-consuming children: we are already lacking resources and having more people using them means we'll be running faster out of oil, valuable metals (for our cars, tv's, nuclear plants and smartphones) and fresh water than we already are.

Yes, Elon Musk is convinced that a decreasing number of people on the planet is a bigger problem than (man made) climate change. Yes, Elon Musk believes climate change is real and happening. And he may have a point: the world population isn't growing as fast as it used to and may come to a halt within just two or three generations. Musk agrees with The Club of Rome (click) that more social and economic equality slowly but surely leads to a population decline. Meaning less and less working-age people will have to work harder (and pay more money) to keep the older generation as well as their babies alive and healthy. 

The population will most likely decline. Before the year 2100. Unless governments start taking appropriate actions yesterday. Everyone who thinks there are governments who look to the future beyond the next elections, raise your hand. Hmmm, I see no hands. Just not everyone agrees on the most likely cause. It may not be a decrease in the number of babies being born, but simply because of over-consumption (click):

"Humanity's main problem is luxury carbon and biosphere consumption, not population," Jorgen Randers, one of the modelers at the Norwegian School of Business and a member of Earth4All, said..."

Elon Musk likes to dream big. Which perhaps is related to his troublesome childhood (click). Which led to a rather unorthodox career path (click). Hailed as well as scolded for being a nerd (yeah for nerds! The world would be a lot less interesting without them. Or 'boring' as one of Elon's companies is called) he strives to help the world. But in fact wants to shape it in His image.

I for one am not sure if that's a good idea.

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