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donderdag, september 07, 2023

It's five past twelve

We've had a good run. Time to give the planet back to jellyfish and other animals who are less stupid than humans. We tried for some 300,000 years. Seems like a long time, right? Yeah, about that: jellyfish are still here in basically the same form as they lived over 500 million years ago. Apparently trying not to exterminate your own kind because some have a different colour tentacle and not ruining your environment for money and power makes you live longer.

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Even if we drastically start cutting emissions yesterday, we are too late. Scientists were wrong with their climate-models. And that's not good news. For instance: the North Pole ice is melting faster (click) than predicted. Science predicted summer ice in the Arctic would be gone by the year 2050. But recent figures show we may reach that point as early as 2030. 

If we want the climate to change its behaviour, we must change ours

If you're now already worried about foreigners coming to 'your' (did you create it yourself? Did you buy it?) country now, try to picture a near future with some two billion people relocating. That includes everyone in Florida. Because that entire state will be submerged.
Big oil companies have known since at least the seventies that the emissions they caused would have this effect. And simply decided not to raise awareness but decided instead to pay people to tell the world 'climate change' is a hoax. 

Shell also knew and even made a film (click) about the dangers of rapid climate change, caused by them. And decided to go for more profit instead of trying to save the planet. 

Do you think ExxonMobil and Shell should be held accountable for the disasters that are already happening and the loss of millions of lives? Or was 'Big Oil' right with putting profits over people and planet?

In other words: will you be one of those people to blame scientists and governments for not having warned us of the effects of climate change?

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