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donderdag, april 28, 2022

Domestic abuse

A domestic survivor is finally taking her abuser to court. This poor woman had a cigarette put out on her face, a finger cut off, slaps and punches were part of her normal day, the man defecated in her bed while his friends laughed. There are audio and pictures to back all of this up. There were doctors that witnessed some of the abuse. The man put makeup on to imitate bruises for pictures and court appearances, but the next day there were no bruises to be seen. The man tried so so so hard to ruin this woman’s life. The media didn’t even ask her side. They blamed her drinking as the problem (she had been sober for YEARS but the violent relationship had led her back to her addiction, her only escape) the man leaked a picture of her asleep with ice cream melted on her to prove how “out of control” she was. To shame her even more. All of her past partners have stepped up to support her, all saying she was nothing but kind and loving. How can we treat domestic abuse survivors this way?? 

This woman isn’t a woman, she’s Johnny Depp, and the man is Amber Heard. For some reason his abuse wasn’t taken serious, it was mocked. If he were a woman would it have been so openly mocked? Abuse is Abuse. We need to protect victims regardless of gender. 

A friend of mine shared this post on her Facebook page and gave me permission to use it. To raise awareness for men who are victims of domestic abuse. Yes, often it's women who are the victims and it is said men are hardly ever the victim. But the sad fact is that we simply don't know.

A *ahem* friend of mine wanted to file a complaint against his then girlfriend and stood at the window of the local police station, telling his story and showing his bruises. The police officer laughed, got his colleagues to laugh at me...sorry, my friend...too and send him on his way with: 'If you ever file a false claim again, you will get fined. A woman would never hit her partner but thanks for the laugh.'

So, we simply don't know how many men are victims of domestic abuse. Most of them are too ashamed to tell anyone and if they do muster the nerve to go to the police, they get laughed at. So no graphs exist on the number of men getting beaten up (or otherwise abused) by their partner.

So, if you have a male friend or colleague who explains his bruises with 'I fell from the stairs' or even 'I got into a bar fight' and/or seems more quiet than usual and lingers in the bar or at the office, not really wanting to go home, try to talk to him to find out what's going on. You might actually save a life that would otherwise be ended or ruined beyond repair. Thanks.

This piece was actually published on my English Blog but someone reported that blog as 'spam' and since the Facebook a.i. decided an accusation is a fact, I can't link to my English blog (click: https://terrebelius.blogspot DOT com/2022/04/domestic-abuse.html ) on Facebook. You can help by trying to share this piece from my English blog unto Facebook and when the A.I. tells you it's fake news or 'spam', tell it that it's not. Much appreciated!

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