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vrijdag, mei 17, 2024

Some prose and Skywatch Friday

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It's been a while (nine years?) and I miss the Skywatch community. In the meantime I started weekly posting a short story or a poem. "So why not do both?" I asked myself. And here I am.

How 're all you lovelies doing in your parts of the world?

Soon I will go to Belgium. To live there for three months and to act, sing and dance in a musical. Don't know yet if my schedule will allow me to post here on a more or less regular basis.

For now I will leave you with some recent pictures of the lovely city of Haarlem, where I was for a meeting. "Haarlem? That sounds familiar." Perhaps because the name 'Harlem' was given to a small part of the USA in New York, previously New Amsterdam. The Dutch once traded that part of the world for Suriname. Perhaps for the best because after its independence tens of thousands of Surinamese people decided to come and live in The Netherlands. But without that decision, some 200 years ago, we may have been stuck with 100,000 Americans in our tiny country. 😉

A typical Dutch cobblestone street. Do they have them in your part of the world?
And here are me and the friends I had the meeting with. One is not in the picture because he took it:
Almost back home, I walked passed this 'postzegelpark' near my home in Amsterdam. These tiny oases are called 'stamp parks' because on a large map of the city, they look like small stamps: (usually) rectangle shaped with some jagged borders:
They offer a small safe haven for busy city folk and help clean the air so we can breathe.
Hypocrites (a #poem)

Should we close our eyes for stupidity?
Close the curtains from atrocities?
Close our mouths and not speak of injustice?

Should we state we had not known
because we were too busy
or there was something on tv?

When we say we have no time
we mean that we don't care.

Should we always fight
for human rights
or only for those
of our own tribe?

Are we honest
or simply hypocrites?


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