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donderdag, juni 15, 2023

Are you afraid of other people? Why?

"Hundreds of people contacted me because they regret transitioning!", said a trans woman (click) who decided to transition back to her birth gender, male. 

Just putting it out there: a fireman is a man; a nice man is a man; an honest man is a man, a trans man is a man and a lying man is a man.

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Must be terrible, having made a decision you later regret. But people have free will and actual research - so, not the word of one single, unhappy person - shows that by far most trans people are very happy (click) with their decision to live on in a new body.

But not everyone is happy that not only straight, 'christian' people have the right to use their free will. 

They want everybody to adher (ad'him'?) to their standards. Which is rather silly because science disagrees with them: in nature there have always been different kinds of animals. And yes, humans are just another type of animal. And just like there are many kinds of birds, there are also many kinds of people. With different ideas, different dreams, different looks and yes, different genders and gender-identities. It's true (click). Bigly (click).

Yes, women are women and men are men. Whether they were born with that gender or not. All over the world children are born with physical characteristics of both most common genders. In our 'free, western civilization', doctors let the parents decide which characteristics to remove or hide. While in other cultures these people are considered people. And often as 'special' people. 

Speaking of special people: olympic swimmer Michael Phelps (click) was born with twice the lung capacity of 'normal' people and other top level swimmers (namely Pieter van den Hoogenband and Cody Miller) have been born with a deformity of the body that makes them more aerodynamic (and hence faster) than everyone else and more prone to win medals. Should Michael Phelps have been banned from competing because he was born with a different body than his competitors?

Granted, there are not many people who weren't born with a single, 'normal' sex: approximately 1,7% of the world population is considered 'intersex' (click) and about 0,5% (1 in every 200 people) is born with visible traits of more than one 'normal' gender. So, yes, it's 'normal' to be 'not normal'. 

But it's by far not normalized by many. And recently trans women have been excluded (click) from athletics by World Athletics because of their supposed advantage of being born male. But how far do we want to take this? And how do we deal with the fact that World Athletics basically violates basic human rights?

Other than the legal implications of excluding people solely based on how they identify or look (how many pro basketball players do you know who are under 6ft?), should 'we' be afraid of them? Although it was once a survival trait to be terrified of anyone who looked different from your own 'tribe', most people have evolved beyond the kind of humanity that was 'normal' over 30,000 years ago and are not 'barbarians' anymore. How about you?

Do you like stating you are 'not afraid of anything!' but just happen to scream bloody murder at just the thought of the existence of Muslims, trans people, people of colour, people with differently shaped noses? 


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